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Markus Müller (Nickname: Mutscho), born in 1968

Since I’m 15 years old, I’m riding officially motorbikes.When I became 18 I did my first tours on real big bikes.

With 16  I had my first travel experience. After some smaller trips among the rest in the US I went in 1997 for the first time to South Afrika.

In 1999 I’ve bought a BMW 650 GS in Capetown and travelled with my girlfriend on it to Namibia and back to Capetown.

Back in Germany on the 1.6.2000 I had a hard accident with my Honda VTR 1000. After awaking from the coma a half-sided paralysis (on the left) was ascertained by a skull-brain-trauma. Besides my lung was wrecked an I had some broken bones.

This was not an easy time!!! Probably it was Gods help an I that I had really good doctos (they patched up me again), good nurses and therapist who attended me quite well.

 Big thank you to my family (parents, sister and brother with family), my girl friend Petra and friends. They really supported me much during this hard time. THANK YOU!!!

I’ve needed month to come back to my feets again.

In April in 2001 I did my first ride on a bike again. A mate lent me his Honda VFR 750 - COOL!!!!

In Augst 2001 I bought my BMW 1150 GS and in February 2002 Petra and I made a 3-month-trip trough the sothern african countries.

At the 1.6.2003 Petra and I started for a longer trip. In nearly two years on my cow we crossed South-East-Europe, the Middle East to Egypt and along the East Coast of Afrika down to South Africa. From there we shipped to India, on the bike further to Nepal, South-East-Asia, through parts of Indonesia, to Australia and New Zealand where we finished this trip.

“Smaller” trips followed: 

  • 1 Monat Ukraine
  • 3 Wochen Kroatien
  • 2 Monate Skandinavien,Russland
  • 6 Wochen England,Irland

In June I’m going to leave my home for a longer tip again. I like to cross the Baltic States to Russia, from there to Alaska (in wintertime), trough Canada, North- and Central America and down to Tierra del Fuego (South America).

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